10 thoughts on “SSIS Dataflow Discoverer (DFLD)

  1. While executing the DFLD on SQL Server 2014, we are getting the following error. The Visual Studio version is 2013.

    Unhandled Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.SqlServer.ManagedDTS, Version=, Culture neutral, Public Keytoken=89845dcd8080cc91’ or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
    at BA.SqlServer.Ssis.Dfl.CallDiscovere.Main(String[] args)

    Any directions will be deeply appreciated.

    – Praveen

    1. Praveen, you might have to install Client Tools SDK as this error is caused by dll’s that are referenced in the application but missing from the run-time environment

      1. Thank you Benny. I really appreciate your immediate response. We will try this option and will let you know. If you have a URL handy from where I can download the Client Tools SDK, that will be great.

      2. Benny, I have verified the installation. The Client Tools SDK for SQL 2014 is already installed. Any other thoughts?

      3. Praveen, thanks for that confirmation.

        Few other things you could check:
        1. Ensure that the path environment variable has an entry for \Microsoft SQL Server\11*\SDK\Assemblies. If you are running multiple versions of SQL server pls be aware of the order of entries in path environment variable https://dfld.codeplex.com/discussions/373788
        2. If the error still occurs, download the source code from codeplex and open the solution in Visual Studio. Delete the existing reference to Microsoft.SQLServer.ManagedDTS and add a new reference pointing to Microsoft.SQLServer.ManagedDTS.dll. Recompile and execute the new exe. Good luck

  2. I am getting following error when I used Data Flow discoverer, can you please help?

    ERROR: Connection string parameters of DFLMetadata table is invalid


    1. There might be an issue with the connection parameters you are passing to dfld. You might want to refer to “How to use Dataflow Discoverer?” section of the post for instructions and examples.

  3. Hi Benny,
    Had a quick look at your Data Flow Discovery and from the initial review it does not capture the driver details involved in the DFT. Is this correct? From my particular usage that would be of interest. The situation is we want to identify any of our packages that have MS Attunity drivers and change them.


    1. Alan, you are right. DFLD does not capture the data source drivers used by the data flow task.

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