Deploying PerformancePoint Content to another SharePoint Site

PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer is usually synchronized with the SharePoint Site from where it was first downloaded. The PerformancePoint Content – Data Connections, Filters, Reports, Scorecards, KPIs and Dashboards from the workspace gets deployed to this SharePoint Site. In most implementations often there is a need to deploy the PerformancePoint Content to a different Business Intelligence SharePoint Site. For instance, deploy dashboards from test to production environment.

If you need to deploy your PerformancePoint content to a different SharePoint Site, follow these steps

1. Save and Version control your existing workspace file.
2. Run PerformancePoint Dashboard Designer from the newly created Business Intelligence SharePoint Site (Screen Capture 1). This new workspace will now point to the new SharePoint Site.

Screen Capture 1- Run Dashboard Designer from new site

3. From the current workspace, Import items from the existing workspace (Screen Capture 2).

Screen Capture 2 – Import items from existing Workspace

4. Follow the Import wizard prompts and set the target folder for Data Connections and PerformancePoint Content (Screen Capture 3).

Screen Capture 3 – Set Target Folders

5. Check the option to add imported items to current workspace (Screen Capture 4). This will bring content from the existing workspace to the new workspace which points to the new SharePoint Site.

Screen Capture 4 – Add Imported Items to Workspace

6. Now deploy your dashboards to the new SharePoint Site.

Benny Austin

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