Load, Stress and Performance Testing from a Developers Perspective

A common misconception is that Load, Stress and Performance Testing mean the same. Well, they are not. There are subtle yet distinctive differences between each of these methods of testing, their purpose and the audience they target. I’m not a tester, so I won’t be going into the nuts and bolts of each of these methods of testing, rather I would like to present a very high level view on this subject that developers can relate to (and hopefully avoid confusion that I found myself in…). Continue Reading

Load Testing Excel Services Report – Deriving Query String Parameters sr and wb


Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) Test Edition is a valuable tool to load test web applications. This post is about using VSTS Test Edition to load test SharePoint Excel Services report. In particular, I explain the solution to handle session time-out issues encountered with Excel Services web test that could invalidate the load test. Continue Reading