SSIS: ADO.NET Destination in Bulk Insert Mode and Foreign Keys

Bulk Insert option for SSIS ADO.NET Destination which is available since SQL Server 2008 R2 improves data load speeds significantly. This option is enabled on the ADO.NET Destination component by selecting the “Use Bulk Insert when possible” check-box Continue Reading

SSIS: ETL for tables with Columnstore Index

Update :

Since SQL Server 2014, Tables with Columnstore Index are no longer read only and are updatable. This post is only applicable to SQL Server 2012.

Original Post

Columnstore Index on fact tables provide significant improvements in response time especially for aggregated queries. One of the first things I did after migrating my databases to SQL Server 2012 was to create Columnstore Index on fact tables. Now I can run aggregated queries that fetch results in reasonable response a time which is great for development, unit testing and helps testers to run their test scripts faster.

One caveat to be aware of is that the table on which a Columnstore Index is defined cannot be inserted, updated or deleted (at the time of writing this post). Continue Reading