Using Page Viewer Web Part to Display Reporting Services Reports in SharePoint


Page Viewer is an out-of-box SharePoint web part that functions as a placeholder for web pages, folders and files that reside usually outside the SharePoint environment. One such use of Page Viewer is to display a Reporting Service report which is not integrated with SharePoint. This means with a little bit on tinkering Page Viewer can be effectively converted into a Report Viewer.  Continue Reading

Re-sizing Web Zone in SharePoint Dashboards

A SharePoint Dashboard is a web page made up of web parts. Web Parts exist within containers called Web Zone. In SharePoint, while the properties of the web part are exposed to the Dashboard Designer, the web zone is virtually untouchable. Often Dashboard Designers find it annoying to discover that their web part is either too big (leaving ugly scroll bars) or too small (leaving empty space) for the web zone and they are not able to modify the dimensions of the web zone. Continue Reading